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The wonders of my world….

Everyone in this world has there own idividual world. If that makes any sense. At least that’s how i feel. It’s what keeps us sane in our time of boredom. Helps us in life and our strugles. We each have a different world not one is the same. Our world is what our imagination wishes life was really like. Its a state of dreaming almost. Like when girls are little and they dream of that happy ending. That wedding that someday will be. That handsome prince that will take them away on a carraige and forever be happy…… Since none of this will happen to the average woman we dream about it. Some people may call it day dreaming but i call it my world. It’s full of everything i want, everything i need, and maybe some stuff i have. It can also be full of idea’s, insperation, and things i love. My world consist of every thing i wish for placed in my heart. Maybe its that boy i have a crush on or that photo that means a thousand words or maybe even that song i cant stop singing. Everybody is different than they really are somethimes. Me in my world im the same outgoing girl that i am in this world. But i take bigger challenges that i know i cant take in real life. Sometimes my world helps me solve problems i cant seem to solve. It’s like a guide in life. honestly you dont have to bealieve me cause honestly it kinda sounds crazy. Im nots saying you have a world inside of a world im just saying that ….. honestly i dont know what im saying. But i know that i have my own world and you who ever you are well you do to. if i sound crazy i swear im not but honestly i should’nt sound crazy cause ive been hearing this “own world” thing since i could remeber. Thanks for reading this post that i have no reason why i posted. It means alot to me:)

love always em. 

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